Whatever your investigative or process service needs, 
Nesbitt Investigations can help.   

Nesbitt Investigations has a professional team with decades of experience that provides discreet investigative and process services to insurersattorneysemployers, and individuals that helps our clients:

Uncover Important Information 

  • Background Checks
  • Pre Employment Screening 
  • Surveillance
  • Trial Preparation/Case Investigation
  • Polygraph Services

Locate People

  • Missing Persons
  • Witnesses/Suspects
  • Process Serving
  • Skip Trace Deadbeats

Protect Financial Standing

  • Claim Investigations 
  • Asset Searches 
  • Theft and Fraud Investigations
  • Potential Partner/Investor Screening 
  • Child Support Enforcement

Document Situations or Incidents

  • Harassment or Stalking  
  • Drug Abuse
  • Infidelity 
  • Illegal Activities