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Investigation Services
for Employers

Nesbitt Investigations provides a variety of services to employers that helps protect profitability, assets, and public image.  Our skilled team has the training and in depth experience to thoroughly investigate potential partners or employees, worker compensation or liability claims, suspected employee/partner theft, fraud, or drug abuse.

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Pre-Employment Screening —  With the increasing incidence of identity theft, employers need to be certain about whom they are hiring.  An on-line search is not enough these days to verify that your potential employee has the education, job history, and reputation listed on his or her resume.  Our thorough background check can investigate not only credentials and job history, but criminal and DMV records in all past cities of employment, credit and bankruptcy history, media coverage, and litigation involvement.

Potential Partner/InvestorScreening — Before you enter into a partnership, Nesbitt Investigations can help you with part of your due diligence.  We can investigate your potential partner’s or investor’s past business endeavor successes or failures, credit and bankruptcy history, DMV records, media coverage, and litigation involvement.  Don’t trust your future business to someone whose personal background you have not investigated.

Suspected Theft or Fraud Investigations — Do you suspect that an employee or partner might be stealing funds or property or defrauding the company but don’t know for sure because your evidence isn’t conclusive? You don’t want to accuse an innocent person, and yet … you have your suspicions.  Our team can conduct a discreet covert inquiry that includes investigating lifestyle changes that might indicate money problems or living beyond ones means.  We can also set up surveillance to document evidence of criminal activity.

Suspected Drug Abuse — Employees who abuse illegal drugs are more likely to commit theft of company funds or property to support their habit as well as put themselves or others in danger when under the influence.  If you suspect an employee is abusing illegal drugs but don’t have conclusive evidence or a random drug testing policy, Nesbit Investigations can conduct an undercover investigation that includes surveillance to document evidence of drug activity.

Claims Investigations — Whether the accident claim is worker compensation, personal injury on company property, or a vehicle accident in a company car, Nesbitt Investigations has the experience and training to uncover the mitigating facts that determine its veracity.  Our team can:

  • Interview claimants, witnesses, and other involved parties
  • Conduct background checks on involved parties to determine if a pattern exists
  • Conduct covert surveillance on claimants to ensure injuries or their severity is as reported
  • Re-create automobile accident circumstances to determine fault

An investment in Nesbitt Investigations can save thousands of dollars.  We help our clients to reduce or eliminate liability costs; reduce or eliminate court time and costs; get evidence that can stand up in court; or even help prevent future accidents of a similar nature.