Attorney Services

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  Investigation Services
for Attorneys and Clients

Nesbitt Investigations provides a variety of services to attorneys and their clients to help enhance the standing of their cases.  Nesbitt team members are skilled and experienced investigators who can assist attorneys and/or clients in getting the material and information needed to provide the best defense or prosecution.  We can help with:

Case Investigations
 – With experience in crime scene investigations, evidence gathering, and undercover investigations, our team can help attorneys and clients follow up on leads, gather and verify information, and conduct background checks on suspects, witnesses, and victims.

Surveillance – Whether high tech or low tech, Nesbitt Investigations knows how to covertly gather information on a person’s whereabouts and activities. 

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Witness Services — With experience in criminal investigation, interview techniques, suspect, and witness location, Nesbitt Investigations can find, interview, and take statements from people critical to your case.

Polygraph Services — Nesbitt Investigations can provide certified polygraphists to assist in determining the veracity of statements made concerning a case.

Process Services — Nesbitt operatives are experienced former law enforcement agents, knowledgeable about state laws governing process serving. They are skilled at locating hard-to-find people and we work 24/7 to find them.  Our chief process operative has thirty-one years of experience working with the court system. You can trust that we will deliver your documents properly and as expediently as possible.

Asset Investigations – We can help ensure that all assets are discovered when determining financial awards in lawsuits, divorce, custody, and other cases.

Investing in the services of Nesbitt Investigations can help ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to win your case.